Friday, April 11, 2014

headed to visit my grandparents today in conjunction with Qing Ming Festival...and most importantly i told my beloved ah ma " 你的孙女毕业了,做工赚钱了。她会学怎么照顾父母,你不用再操心了。"

even after 11 years, i still miss her alot. she's someone who cannot be replaced by anyone. the love and happiness she gave me during my childhood days is so memorable... it all seems just like yesterday.

i know all these years, she's been watching over me right on top... protecting me and loving me using her very special way. 

i'm sorry that 最后你最爱的人伤你最深.....perhaps you wont mind and you will simply pat her saying she's such a silly girl... but i'm still quite affected by it. i love you ah ma. you'll live in my heart forever. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Been catching up with ppg! Yesterday was hk dim sum hunt followed by our routine photo taking sessions hahaha! 

Times with them alw pass so fast. Le sigh... 

P.s. woots! Boyf reservist ends tmr! :D

This custard bun is the bombz!


Our favorite mode! Red lippies!

Fang...... Where our tulip and zoo outing :( 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Honesty speaking, I think I have the most awesome parents who really dote on me and pampered me like a little princess. Yes I don't deny we do have arguments and cold wars for weeks, but the love will not get any lesser. Sometimes I hate them for being over protective of me. I want them to know I'm a grown up girl and know the consequence of every action I do. 

Yet, their small actions of love and concern never fails to melt my heart. They have love me for more than 22 years. From the moment they know I'm coming to this world, they start adding on their love to me. They work hard to give me a comfortable life where I can ask for anything I want, be it satisfying my material needs. I know even I want the stars in the sky, they will scold me for being overbearing but yet till the end, they will pluck them for me. These are my silly parents. They don't show their love on the surface, but the actions tell it all. 

We once got separated in heart for awhile due to some unhappiness matters. It's prolly our first incident to overcome as a family, but I'm relieved we actually pulled through. Because of speaking out our difficulties and unhappiness, we are clearer of our love we have for one another. And in fact become stronger in ties. Though we are still upset over that matter, but we are letting it go. Cause we understand its beyond our control, every individual of us has no direct responsibility for that accident. We pulled through the hard times because of one simple thing - LOVE. 

At this juncture, I don't hope for much, just like other children, hoping my dearest parents will live healthily and happily to witness every important milestones in my life- convocation, first decent job salary, marriage, starting my own family, attaining my goals in life.

Daddy and mommy, I might seem closer to each of you all in terms of certain aspects, but I shared equal love to both of you. I love my family and memories we shared. 

Love you two, till eternity.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

They say relationship has many stages. Indeed. It's been 18 mths at the moment. We've already pass the honeymoon period where couples are so deeply in love that they couldn't see each other flaws. 

We've also passed the period were we start to quarrel and argue and dig out stuff to improve each other to a certain level... 

Right now, we are at a stage where we just enjoy each other companion and sharing of everydays' joys and problems. Finding and starting a good career is our priority at the moment. Hopefully, this period can last cause I enjoy such calm and stagnant times :) 

People might think what's it to be in love when there's no big ups and downs or we do not stick entirely close with each other or live in our own couple world.

But to us, such relationship is prolly the most secured and realistic. And it's something that will slowly blossom and grow. 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

hmmmm this got me into thinking:

bff - what does it really mean in my life?

serene once told me, ppl changes... they come and they go in our lives. yeah its true... but its just so hard to digest. oh well... when its just me who is experiencing the changes, then i guess thats my prob of defining someone... but if most ppl notices the change, then i suppose i'm not the root of the issue? i tried to talk to her about it... she claims there's no changes, from the start she's like this... so.... i guess i do not know her that well afterall? aft a decade of friendship, it went back to square. the unfamiliar kind of feeling is back. this is weird, but is true. we do not have any common topic anymore... i dont pin high hopes for any changes. i just feel i have to enjoy every moment i have with my fellow close friends.

i'm tired. i just hope one day when she suddenly thought of me and wants to be back on close terms with me... i will still be there for her.

am i suppose to let go slowly? who else can guide me through...

Friday, May 24, 2013

I really hate being caught in between situations. Especially between two people I care. I came to realise how hard it is to be in a relationship, not only having to care about my parents but also my boyf. 

Who can understand my woes? Every explanation I said to my boyf are excuses in his eyes. But they are the facts that my parents want me to do. To let my parents know how much boyf loves me, I told them all the good things. To let boyf have an idea of how nice my parents are, I didn't tell him some truths that my parents said.  Every sour I have to endure on my own. I have to apologies  and bend a humble pie to the other party (whoever it is) to get their forgiveness. 

I'm just a person. A typical girl in town. Used to think even when nobody in this world understand me, there's someone out there who will. But now, where's that person? I may be indebt to many ppl be it my past life, this life or whatsoever. But my parents didn't. They are not obliged to do anything for anyone. 

I'm so tired....not because I didn't try, but I tried so hard but to find out not much people out there appreciate me. I'm alw the one pleasing others, I really don't mind as long as they are happy. It's just sometimes pleasing others is tiring too, need a break and I will get back up again.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pretty food and pictures never fail to cheer me on a little (:

exams are just ard the corner in 2 mths time... its my last semester of the degree.. i have no reason not to do well... i have to be at my peak performance! (go go go!)

some friendships on the rocks. (perhaps only i feel this way)